Corporate Taxation

 Learning Corporate Taxation is a great way to grow your clientele base. With this Corporate tax knowledge you will be able to prepare more complicated returns, which will allow you to earn more money. Plus, people will seek you out as their tax professional because you can handle all type of tax situations.


Corporate Taxation Course

The experienced individual tax return prepare will find the transition to small business tax preparation stress-free with this course in introduction to small business entity tax preparation. This course provides the foundation necessary to begin preparing small business tax returns, in addition to researching issues that accompany small business entities. This course includes training in the following areas:

·         Business Organization
·         Understanding the Balance Sheet
·         Income, Expenses and Basic
·         Sole Proprietorship
·         Partnerships
·         C-Corporations
·         S-Corporations

Upon completion of this course, the prepare will have the knowledge to begin preparing basic small business tax returns for various types of business entities and feel comfortable researching subjects that may go a little more in-depth than they have studied within this course.

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