Let’s make the best talent in the accounting industry part of your team!

Here we live the vocation for a high value service for our clients, ensuring their loyalty. We vibrate with passion and enthusiasm for excellence and the achievement of extraordinary results.

For this reason, at FORNARIS STAFFING AND CONSULTING SERVICES we work people who act in an integral way, valuing the human being as the axis of our organization.

We have more than 10 years of experience in Florida, offering all the human capital solutions you need through our services of selection, recruitment, evaluation, training and talent management. Our goal is to find significant and sustainable jobs and place thousands of qualified candidates in all areas of ​​accounting, through our company.

1: Staffing Services

Throughout our experience, every day we meet new candidates and the role of work in their lives, helping them to develop their career through planning, work, training and training. All this allows us to handle a search for candidates with professionalism, responsibility, speed and efficiency in the area of ​​accounting.

Determining the person you need for the position and learning about your organization is the first and most important step in the recruitment process.
We have the most experience and the best techniques to evaluate which would be the ideal person who will be part of your accounting team. We carry out all the processes and evaluations necessary to have an effective recruitment that adapts to the needs of the company. All processes are done in accordance with the requirements or requirements of the position.

2: Training Services

At FORNARIS STAFFING AND TRAINING SERVICES, we share our knowledge, our experience and our resources in the area of ​​accounting, so that we all have the same level of adaptability, understanding and training so that the company continues its course without traumas or obstacles.
If you only require that your new worker be trained and trained according to the demands of your company here we can help you, the success of companies depends largely on the knowledge and competitiveness of their human capital, at FORNARIS STAFFING AND TRAINING SERVICES we train your new team members, performing different types of adaptability and learning processes in the area of ​​accounting.

3:  Consulting Services

We constantly challenge the norm to find new and better ways of doing things.
Our services are geared towards strategic consulting, aimed at large and small companies in various productive sectors, applying tools of proven success, with real solutions tailored to the client’s requirements, with a focus on generating useful knowledge, to feed the decision-making process of organizations and towards increasing the effectiveness of financial and organizational management.

At FORNARIS STAFFING AND TRAINING SERVICES we do everything possible to achieve the objectives of your company, evaluating and analyzing all internal processes in execution to achieve the achievement of the goals set in the short and long term.

We will be willing to present the best solution to your problems, providing you with the right strategies while maintaining strengths, correcting weaknesses, seizing opportunities and reacting to possible threats.

At FORNARIS STAFFING AND TRAINING SERVICES the purpose is to provide solutions to companies and entrepreneurs seeking the highest advice in the environment, understanding the dynamism and the international opening of business today.

What does this service include?

This service includes:

  • Recruitment
  • Background Check
  • Drug Check
  • Test Psychological Test
  • Written and practical knowledge evaluations
  • Verification of studies
  • Verification of personal and labor references
  • Training

Finding the perfect candidate for a position can be a hard and a tedious process but I could help you minimize the searching procedure.

My name is Mario Fornaris; I’m an Accountant with 10+ years of experience in all areas of accounting. I specialize in Recruiting Services and training, providing small businesses with Accounting Professionals. By focusing in my area of expertise, I know the industry, the market, and I am able to provide your organization with the most current, professional and experienced accounting and finance candidates.

On an ongoing basis, I meet with new candidates and build relationship with existing candidates allowing me to manage your candidate search quickly and efficiently.

I am committed to a personal approach. By getting to know my candidates well beyond resumes and by paying close attention to their personal and professional aspiration, I am able to recommend candidates who will thrive in your role and your company.

Whether your opportunity is a one week contract or a permanent role, my focus is on finding the absolute best candidate for your position and your company.

Understanding Your Organization and the Role

Determining the individual you need for the position and learning about your organization is the first and most critical step in the recruiting process. I require a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities; experience, personal characteristics and education the ideal candidate must have to be successful in the role.

Sourcing Potential Candidates

During the search process, I will identify the top candidates for your needs. I interview all registered candidates to gain an understanding of their professional experience, accomplishments, strengths and weakness, and educational background. I also discuss their goals, ambitions and motivations, so that I can present to you the candidates whom we feel are best suited for your position.

Candidate Presentation

Once our search is complete and I have determined the best candidates for the role, we present you with a short list of top candidates. I will brief you on each candidate, reviewing such details as skills and experience, working practices, leadership style, career objective, salary expectations as well as the reason the candidate is interested in the role. At your convenience, we will arrange for you and others involved in the selection process to interview the desired candidates.

Checking References and Testing

Comprehensive reference checks of the preferred candidate (s) are completed for your review. A thorough understanding of the candidate’s performance and characteristics in past roles is achieved through completing this process.

Each registered candidate will take an accounting test that matches their level of expertise. This test will be presented to you.

A criminal background check is also completed for the successful candidate with results forwarded to you for your records.

Final Step

One you have selected the best person for the position, I can assist you with drafting the terms of employment and finalizing the job offer. I will check with you periodically the performance of the new hire.

We at Fornaris Accounting are 100% committed to finding employers the best candidate for their company and pairing you with the right applicant is my top priority; that is what defines me and the services Fornaris Accounting provides.

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