Accounting Training

Accounts Payable Accounting Course (No Experience Needed)
This course teaches the most common end user functions in QuickBooks Accounts Payable (A/P) component. This course is a basic requirement for anyone wanting to apply for an Accounts Payable Clerk Position. You will be ready in 8 weeks. A final test will be giving plus Certificate of completion.

Course Goals

  • Post outgoing payments and process automatic payment runs
  • Run important financial reports such as A/P Info systems, Vendor balances, Vendor lists
  • Learn to work with vendor records, balances and line items
  • Post, search and display vendor invoices

Lesson Description

  1. Overview of Debits and Credits and how it affects Accounts Payable
  2. General Ledger Accounts
  3. Create Vendor
  4. Create Purchase Order
  5. Reconcile Packing Slip against Purchase Order
  6. Post vendor invoice against Purchase Order
  7. Apply Credit Memo
  8. Select Invoice for payment
  9. Print Check
  10. Void Check
  11. Vendor Balance
  12. Change vendor master record
  13. Bank Reconciliation
  14. Process Expense Reports and Petty Cash
This course has a value of $600.00, it includeds QuickBooks Training