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Are you too busy to come into our tax office? Do you live too far away and do not want to drive? Would you like to have your taxes prepared while you are cooking or running errands?

Virtual Tax Preparation is the most technologically way of having your tax return processed and submitted to IRS. Don’t waste your valuable time waiting at a tax office. Your tax preparation will be prepared without you leaving your home. 

A tax accountant will prepare your tax return live with you on the other side of the camera via a PC or Smart Phone.

Our customers receive the upmost professional service without you having to wait.

How to begin your Virtual Tax Filing:

1.  We will send you an email confirming the appointment along with a tax worksheet for us to prepare your return. You will review this worksheet for accuracy; that will help us organize your tax information.


2. The meeting will be held live on a professional platform or over the phone; whichever method is beneficial for you. During the meeting we will answer all questions you might have. You will also have the opportunity to scan and upload your tax documents or take a picture with your smart phone and upload your tax document through our secure and encrypted client portal, you can also send documents via fax, whichever process is most suitable for you. 


3. We will review your documents and provide a price quote. Once you have approved your estimate, we will request proof of identity for everyone listed on the tax return. It must include the following:

- Driver’s license

- Social Security Cards

- Birth Certificate for dependent child

4. After all verification is complete we will start the process of your tax return  with you live online. The tax accountant will share necessary forms to be signed. Tax accountant will also discuss refund options and answer final questions regarding your tax return.  


5. And finally a copy of your taxes will be sent to you via email or regular mail for your records.


*We offer a variety of ways to receive your refund as well as the option to have your preparation fees withheld with no required out of pocket expense. Our bank products are provided by approved IRS Banks. *

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Fornaris Accounting Virtual Tax Office

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